Marie Wilson

Marie Wilson is a Sustainability Blogger, Freelance Writer, and Climate Activist. Her writing focuses on the intersectionality of sustainability and the outdoor/travel industries. She was born and raised in Washington State near the city of Seattle. Her goal is to ensure that sustainability is accessible for all individuals. When she isn't writing she is often found trail running, hiking, biking or skiing. She currently resides in Bellingham, WA.

How To Spend 57 Hours In Bellingham, Washington As A Mountain Biker

Nestled just 30 minutes south of the Canada-United States border in Washington state lies the city of Bellingham. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the North Cascades National Park, Bellingham is a paradise when it comes to outdoor adventure. And though there are many opportunities for exploring the land and sea, the city is predominantly known for being a mountain biking mecca. But the city wasn’t always the mountain biking destination that it is known as today.

Zero-Waste Essentials for Beginners – Allégorie

When I first learned about zero-waste I remember feeling immensely motivated and also incredibly overwhelmed. Just the term “zero-waste” felt daunting. As a movement zero-waste aims to create as little waste as possible, with everything tossed away being able to go in the compost or recycling bin. But if you take one look at your trash can it’s easy to struggle to comprehend where you should even begin. I came up with a false narrative that I needed to go zero-waste overnight. But I quickly lear

Exploring the Outdoors During COVID-19

Be Prepared and Pack it Out When you are picking a hike, check to see if the amenities are available at this time. Right now, many parks still have limited bathrooms, or none at all. If this is the case, be sure to come prepared with toiletries and the ability to pack out your waste. Some trailheads have removed trashcans so be sure you can haul your trash home and #LeaveNoTrace. The same goes for those hiking with dogs. Always come prepared with bags and be sure to dispose of the waste properl

ROAM towards a life of Adventure and Purpose

ROAM is about storytelling and educating. The company was founded by some of the world’s best adventure athletes, photographers, and filmmakers. They have come together to offer their community an insight into their lives. Much of the work that ROAM does comes through their original videos, mini-documentaries, photos, community events, such as the annual ROAM awards, and educational videos. Together, this work inspires and educates others to adventure with a purpose, turning experiences in the o

The Ski Resorts within 3 hours of Seattle, Washington

Located just west of the Cascade Mountains you will find Seattle, the largest city in the state of Washington. While Seattle has a reputation for being one of the rainiest cities in the USA, its excess precipitation also equates to an abundance of snow! The Cascade Mountain range stretches from Canada to Oregon and boasts some of the best slopes in the state. Washington’s stint of the Cascades has terrific terrain for downhill skiing ands snowboarding. Like most resorts, those located near the

Why Voting Matters

On August 18th, 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment of the US Constitution was ratified, granting women the right to vote. Though it granted this right, there were still many barriers in place preventing Black and Native American women the ability to vote. And while this was an incredibly monumental moment in our country’s history, it also highlights why voting is so incredibly important. Susan B. Anthony is regarded as one of the most influential women in US history and played a major role in the 19

Making the Outdoors Sustainable for All

Have you ever thought that the outdoor industry is free of discrimination? After all, it is supposed to be “for all the people” regardless of our race, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, ability, weight, or socio-economic status. Sadly, this is far from the case. Like nearly every industry, the outdoor industry lacks diversity, especially in management positions. But the outdoors cannot, and will not, truly be for the people until it is available, accessible, and designed for all. Not o

The Power of Your Mind

Growing up I was an incredibly active child. I spent my summers hiking and my winters skiing. When I wasn’t in the mountains, I was either running, playing soccer, basketball, or really any sport I could find. Up until the time I was 18 I never thought much about fitness or its relationship with food, it all just came naturally. However, during my first week of college, I went in for an MRI since I was experiencing some intense back pain. An hour later I was being told I need to be admitted to